Health Fund Information

Health Fund Information

Health Fund Information

Private speech pathology is covered under many health fund plans. It is best to check that your specific level of cover entitles you to a rebate before you make an appointment.

The following item numbers will help your fund identify if you are covered; 

I’ve contacted my health fund and they’ve said you aren’t registered?

Chatterbox therapists are registered with health funds for health fund rebates, and every effort is made to register with all health funds. From time to time a new health fund will start, or their requirements may change and we may not have been informed of this by the fund themselves. If you do find that we aren’t registered with your specific fund, please contact us so we can rectify this for you. Every effort will be made to make sure that we are registered so you can receive the health fund rebate that you are entitled to.

Do you process claims through the HICAPS system?

Yes! We can process your health fund claim on the spot provided you have your health fund card, and your health fund is registered with HICAPS for Speech Pathology claims. This means that when you attend Speech Pathology, all you will need to pay is the gap between your health fund benefit, and our fee. Easy!

You can access more information on the HICAPS system through our website.