What is Physiotherapy?

Paediatric Physiotherapy aims to improve a child’s movement abilities in order to maximise quality of life.

We believe that anatomy, function and mindset all need to be considered in order to make change.

We work with your family to find the best combination of intervention, strategies and supports for your child. 

We can help with Gross Motor Skills

Paediatric Physiotherapist Sydney
Physiotherapy for kids Sydney

We can help with Fine Motor Skills

We can help with Tone and Range of Movement

Kids Physiotherapist Sydney
Paediatric Physiotherapist Kingswood

We can also help with…

Are You Worried About Your Child’s Communication Skills?

We understand that as a parent, it can be hard to know if your child is on the right track with their communication development. We have provided a range of developmental checklists to give you an idea of what skills are expected at each age.

The Good News Is, We Can Help!

If you are concerned about your child’s communication skills, we recommend starting with an assessment. This provides a clear outline of your child’s strengths, as well as areas in which we can help them grow.

Once we know how your child’s skills are developing, we create a personalised therapy plan to suit their individual needs. If therapy is needed, you can decide whether it is most convenient for your family to attend in clinic, or via online services. 

Areas We Service For Children’s Physiotherapist

Looking for Paediatric Physiotherapist in Sydney, or near the surrounding suburbs?

We offer online therapy services as well as services within our clinics in RosehillBella VistaOran ParkPenrith Kingswood.