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kids physiotherapist Caddens

Paediatric Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy Services For Kids in Caddens

At Chatterbox, we want the best for your family. Our Paediatric Physiotherapists in Caddens have a warm and caring nature. They are passionate about children and helping them reach their full potential.

Our clinics provide a welcoming environment where children’s needs can be met and their achievements celebrated. Our Physiotherapists are passionate about helping children and their families develop motor skills.

Our Physiotherapists want to empower children and their families by teaching them skills that help them to be independent, navigate their environment safely, and take part in community activities. They can provide treatment for children with neurological, developmental and musculoskeletal problems that could affect young adolescents and children.

We believe every child has the right to have access to therapy no matter where they live, so we offer online therapy services as well as services within our clinics in Rosehill, Bella Vista, Oran Park, Penrith & Kingswood, we proudly also offer our physiotherapy services to local Kingswood residents and surrounding suburbs such as Cambridge Park, Jordan Springs, Werrington, Caddens and Claremont Meadows.

How can a Physiotherapist help your child?

Our Paediatric Physiotherapists in Caddens can help your child by creating opportunities to develop a range of skills and encourage independence and confidence through play, movement-based activities and strategies. Some of the things our Physiotherapists can support your child with are: 

What does a Physiotherapist do, exactly?

Paediatric Physiotherapist Caddens

Physiotherapy kids Caddens

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Physiotherapists have extensive training in diagnosing, treating and assessing child movement and development problems. Our Physiotherapists have the ability to design therapy programs for children that are creative, engaging, and fun. They use movement-based games to help your child have some fun and achieve their goals. To ensure a holistic approach to health care, our Physiotherapy team works with key family members and other professionals to support you.

If you have concerns for your child’s development, contact Chatterbox Health to book an assessment. 

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