Talking Skills

Speech Therapy for Expressive Language Disorders

Speech Therapy For Expressive Language Disorders

Language Development In Children

Expressive language means talking.

This is your child’s ability to join words to form sentences using the correct vocabulary and grammar. Expressive language is different to speech sounds and can be easily confused when listening to your child. Speech sounds are the way your child pronounces sounds in their words. Expressive language difficulties can affect your child’s ability to get their message across using spoken or written language.

Children can experience difficulties with their receptive language skills and expressive language skills and speech sound development or it can have difficulty in one of these areas only.

What Are The Symptoms Of Expressive Language Disorder?

The symptoms vary from child to child depending on their age. The following symptoms may indicate that your child is experiencing difficulties with their expressive language development:

The Causes Of Expressive Language Difficulties Are Often Unknown.

A number of factors may be working together to contribute to your child’s difficulties. Family history is often the most likely indicator, although this may not always be the case. A child’s general cognitive development, exposure to language and personality can all impact on a child’s expressive language skills.

Talking Skills Speech Pathologist

Speech Pathologists Are Specifically Trained To Assess And Treat Your Child’s Communication Skills.

Don’t wait. Early intervention has been proven to help children achieve their best both now and for later success. In general these difficulties do not just ‘go away’. Your child is not having these difficulties because they are lazy. You may find they are starting to avoid situations where they have to talk, or will become frustrated when they have to do their homework. This is because it is simply hard for them. A parent does not cause their child to have these difficulties, however a parent who has found the right advice and support can help their child to achieve success.

All of our Speech Pathologists share a passion for working with children and families to best support their learning goals.

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